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Brother Don Evans has a proven ministry  in miracles, healing, faith, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits and in the office of a prophet. He holds two Doctorate degrees. He has pioneered seven churches , established two Bible colleges, and held Miracle Crusades in 21 countries overseas, plus 45 different States in America,  as well as Mexico and Canada. His College texts  are being used in 8 different colleges at this writing. Here is what other ministries have to say about him and his ministry.

M . Whittler, 1982: "You will be flying throughout the world bringing forth miracles and healings. Flowing in the office of a prophet. ( Eight months later he made his first trip around the world holding miracle crusades.)

Burnie  Davis, 1986:  "The Spirit  of the Lord is upon you. The blind shall see, the lame shall walk. You shall flow from the the office of a prophet. Great will be the ministry the Lord will give you."

Danny Griffin , 1987 :  "It's time , saith the Lord. It's time to see the fire upon  the roof again. It's  time for the wind to blow. It's time for the lame to walk , the blind to see, the leper to be cleansed and the prophet to speak . It's time that I will do mighty acts; so that man can be saved . I will do it through your hands . Some will say,  "Is this the Don Evans we know?" Yes, but they will hardly recognize you, for the anointing of God will be so strong and powerful upon you.

Brother Shane speaking in a large auditorium, not knowing Brother Evans at all, under heavy anointing called out : "Don Evans . God says,  Son, in the last days I am going to use you in the world's greatest miracle, healing ministry ever seen, you shall be a Prophet of Almighty God." This was when he was only 10 years old.

A . A . Allen called him out in 1950 and said : " Son, God is calling you into a miracle , healing ministry. You shall fill the office of a prophet.  Follow that call!" 

In August of 1952, William Branham said over him: "Son , the hand of God is upon you , and great shall be the miracle, healing , prophetic ministry that He shall give you, when you fully surrender to Him."

In 1982 at a large convention in Minneapolis,  Brother Kenneth Copeland  called him out of a crowd of over 30,000, ( He did not know Brother Don Evans) "The spirit of God told me to tell you that the miracle, healing ministry you have been given by God, will soon come upon you . It shall be greater than you expect." He turned to leave the platform , only to come back and point at Brother Evans again and say, "Yes, ten times greater than that!" 

Dr. Lydia Berkey  under heavy anointing , God said to place the mantles that had been passed on to her, by laying on of hands, upon Brother Evans. These mantles included those from: Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Charles Price, and E.W. Kneyon. God had told her earlier not to pass these mantles on until He told her to.  This was in 1983.

Rev. Bonifacio Simbran of the Philippines tells  us that 3500 were saved in one service and over 65 totally blind people received their sight , plus many, many other healings. Brother  Evans flows from the office of a Prophet and his words all came to pass. (1982)

In South Africa in 1982, these great saints of God said they had never seen such a move of God since F.F. Bosworth and William M. Branham were there. One of these Saints has ministered in 79 foreign countries. Wilma Humphries, Dorothy Commings, Helen Egler, and Eathel Raath.

We could go on  and on  speaking of things that have happened for the next 18 years.  Brother Robert Doorn, who has ministered since 1948 and been in every major revival and is a prophet himself , just said in July of 2000.  Brother Evans has one of the greatest miracle, healing ministries I have ever seen. He flows in the  office of a Prophet with a very strong anointing. God has shown me that his church here shall be the hub for this Last Great Revival  before our Lord comes for His Church. The late great Irene Burk Harrell, said, "Many say they have a miracle ministry or flow in the Prophetic, and we see very little. But not so when Brother Don Evans comes to town. The proof is in the pudding, they say, and truly He does provide the proof to back up his ministry from God."

This is a small glimpse of our Pastor and the Man of God . Now you have a small idea of his anointing. Check out these prophetic words given to the Church, and truly, you will say, " There are prophets in that church and God is speaking to us through them."

Thank you!



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