These materials are the fruits of many hours of labor and waiting before the Lord seeking countless revelations from the Spirit of God through His Word. These truths have been compiled into books, CDs, 3 1/2 floppies that we know will impact your life. Each new teaching is fresh from the heart of God as He reveals to me again and again how to equip the body of Christ for this time and season of reaping souls all around the world, and showing the truth of where we are at this moment in God's plan. It is our commitment to continually present the truth of God's Word to you with balance so that your understanding and revelation of His Word will keep increasing. We desire that you may abound in all things as you accomplish His plan for your Life.

We do have some wonderful spiritual helps that we know will cause you to grow and grow. If you are interested in a Book; 3 1/2 floppy; or CD with teaching on it, please write or call us.  You can also do your home Bible college courses and get your degree by taking these courses and doing the assignments and test and you never have to leave home. Write and ask us about how to get your degree by home study. All books and CD's are on 3 1/2 floppy except for: V-9 Juice; The Power Of God In Us; and It's Raining Miracles. We will give you any 3 1/2 floppy; CD; or Book ,of your choice, for any gift to this ministry of $10.00 or more so that you can grow and know the Word of God. This will not only help you, but it will also help us fulfill the goal God has set before us. Thank You!! And God bless you! See chart on shipping below!


These teaching CD's and floppies are by Dr. Donald D. Evans


CD & 3 1/2 Floppies


        Ephesians, God's Game Plan For You 


        Faith & Confessions - The Truth 

        Our New Creation  

        Satan Chooses his Man  

        From A to Z, Growing Spiritually  

        666 & The Coming Assyrian Connection  

        Realizing Who We Really Are 

        Confronting Spiritual Strongholds 

        America, Iran and The Coming Wars 

        Our Spiritual Weapons

        10 Days instead of 7

        The 5 Horsemen

        Last Day False Prophets and Teachers

        The Book of Romans

        God's Garden - The Fruit of the Spirit

       We can put any of our books on CD for anyone and it is cheaper that way. More will be added as they get updated with new revelation knowledge.


Books by Dr. Donald D. Evans
(a) God's Dispensational & Prophetic Plan
(b) The Father's Plan for Creation
1. V-9 Juice 
2. The Power Of God In Us 
3. It's Raining Miracles 
4. The Fullness of the Holy Spirit
5. Is The USA In Prophesy? 
6. God's Game Plan For You 
7. Renewing Your Mind 
8. Developing Dynamic Christians 
9. Living In The Word 
10. Understanding Our Resurrection
11. New Creation Realities
12. The Book Of James 
13. The Coming Assyrian Connection
14. The Spirit Controlled Life (Book of Galatians)
15. Faith
16. Authority Of The Believer
17. Spiritual Warfare
18. Miracle Evangelism
19. The Devil-Demons-Spiritual Series
20. Abraham, Father Of Faith
21.  Flowing In The Holy Ghost
22. The Book Of Colossians
23. Our Spiritual Weapons
24. The Anointing
25. Iran, Israel, America
26. Satan Chooses His Man
27. Last Day False Prophets and Teachers
28. Daniel & Revelation (Prophetic on End Times)
29. Prosperity According To God's Word
30. The Book of Romans (What Grace Means To Us)
31. Remembering The Cross
32. 2009 Until The End
33. Proverbs Hidden Treasures for Today
34. Resurrection Power For Today
35. Joel: The Next Outpouring of God's Glory
36. Faith & Confession Series
37. Understanding Our Resurrection
38. God's Garden & The Fruit of the Spirit
39. Ephesians, My Work Book
40. Doctrine 1 & 2
41. How Deep Are The Strips
42. Faith
43. The 23rd Psalm
44. From The Cross To Eternity
45.  Biblical Perspectives From God’s Word 
46. 2 Types of Righteousness 
47. God’s Provisions For Healing  48. Our Realities of the New Creation
49. The Spirit Filled Life 
50. God’s Game Plan for Your Life 
51. God's Gift of His Righteousness 
52. He Who Laughs Last 
53. Be Blessed Attitude 
54. The Shepherd of the 23rd Psalm 
55. The Overcoming Faith 
56. The Triumphant Church 
57. Spiritual Gifts in Operation 
58. Doctrine 3 & 4 
59. Prayer - Come A Little Closer 
60. Angels, Our Ministering Spirits 
61. Keys To Your Ministry 
62. 30-60-100 Fold 
63. Biblical Perspectives From God 
64. Developing The Spiritual Life 
65. Establishing Your Heart 
66. Faith's Steadfastness 
67. God's Plan For Prosperity 
68. In His Image 
69. It's Raining Miracles Part 2 
70. Leadership Secrets 
71. Love of Longsuffering 
72. Overcoming Discouragement 
73. Private Praise 
74. Satan Uncovered 
75. The Wonderful Name of Jesus
76. Those Who Move With God 
77. Three Women of Faith 
78. Turning Your Dreams Into Reality 
79. 666 
80. Being An Armor Bearer 
81. Last Days False Prophets 
82. Pentecostal Not Charismatic 
83. Part One & Two of Angels 
84. Our Spiritual Weapons 
85. The Cross and You 
86. The Father and His Family 
87. The Good Fight of Faith 
88. Eschatology - The Study of End Times 
89. Understand Our Resurrection 
90. The Book of Revelation Par 1 & 2 
91. Running To The Battle 
92. The Power of New Testament Praise and Worship 
93. The Holy Spirit and You 
94. Seducing Spirits and Doctrine of Demons 
95. Developing Discernment For The Last Days 
96. The Fight of Every Believer 
97. Conquest of The Mind 
98.Authority Over Three Worlds 
99. Combating Spiritual Stronghold Series 
100. When The Going Get Tough
101. God's Promises For Your Every Need
102. The Oracle of Jerusalem
103. The Destruction Of Babylon
104. The Book Of Daniel
105. First The Silence - Then The Fury
106. Satan's Bound
107. Covenant With Death 
108. The Mark of the Beast or 66
109 Babylon The Great
110 Bible Prophecy
111 End Time Posse
112 First The Silence
113 More Proof of Babylon's Destruction
114 The Harlot Rides The Beast
115 The Antichrist Reign of Terror
116 The Book of Daniel
117 Why Silence In The Last Seal Opening?
118 New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem
119 Satan Bound for 1000 Years
120 Covenant with Death
121 First The Silence Then the Fury
122 Oracle of Jerusalem
123 God's Plan for Israel in the
124 The Book of Amos
125 The Book of Jonah
126 The Book of Micah
127 The Book of Obadiah
128 The Book of Zechariah
129 The Book of Daniel
130 God's Promises For All Your Needs
131 Power To Love By
132 The Book of Hosea
133 The Book of Nahum
134 The Book of Habakkuk
135 The Book of Zephaniah
136 The Book of Haggai
137 The Book of Malachi
138 The Book of Ezra
139 The Book of Nehemiah
140 The Book of Esther
141 The Book of Ruth
142 The Book of James
143 The Book of Micah
144 The Book of Zechariah
145 The Book of Jude
146 The Book of Titus
147 The Books of 1-2-3 John
148 The Book of Philemon
149 The Book of 1 & 2 Timothy
150 The Book of Revelation
151 The Book of 1 Peter
152 The Book of 2 Peter
153 The Book of 1 Thessalonians
154 The Book of 2 Thessalonians
155 The Book of Hebrews
156 The Biblical View Of Israel
157 Dispensationalism
158 Samson and the Philistines
159 Mystery of the Non-Mentioned Holy Day in the Gospels
160 God Has Spoken By His Son Who Sat Down
161 The Temple Colors and Why
162 Put On The Armor Of God
163 The Last Trumpet or Seventh Trumpet
164 The Antichrist Reign of Terror
165 Revelation Chapter 10 - 11 The Rapture Clearly Explained
166 Revelation Chapter 8
167 Revelation Chapter 9
168 Revelation Chapter 12
169 Revelation Chapter 13 The Mark Of The Beast (Revelation 13:11-18
170 Revelation 13
171 Revelation 14
172 10 Bible-Based Suggestions For Troublesome Times
173 Teach Us To Pray
174 The Holy Temple
175 Why Say It This Way?
176 Construction Of The Second Temple
177 Sufferings In The End Times
178 The Layout Of The First Temple
179 As A Man Thinketh In His Heart
180 Don't Let Satan Steal Your Joy
181 The Biblical Case For Mid-Tribulation Truth
182 Will Your Faith Fail?
183 God's Word The Dominion Principle
184 The Authority Of the Body
185 Teach Us To Pray
186 The Unpardonable Sin
186 Covenant With Death
187 The Mystery Of The Non-Mentioned Holy Day in the Gospel
188 God Has Spoken By His Son
189 34 Theological Terms Explained
190 The Priesthood
191 The Life of Elijah
192 The Book of Romans
193 The Shekinah Glory (Exodus 24:17)
194 Is God Done With Israel ?
195 The Life of Paul
196 The Life of Elisha
197 Diversities of Tongues
198 Triumph of the Mind
199 God's Image of You
200 Is God Done With Israel ?
201 Exodus 25/with Outline of Ephesians/ Separated for His Presence
202 Some Books From My Personal Book Shelf
203 For A Time Such As This
204 A Falling Away
205 The Antichrist
206 Falling in the Spirit
207 Are There Apostles and Prophets Today ?
208 Faith Series Part 1
209 Faith Series Part 2
210 The Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven Series
211 The Trinity Explained
212 Heaven and Hell Series
213 The Law of the First Born
214 Parable of The Empty and Swept House
215 Satan The Defeated Foe
216 The Overall Message of Hebrews
217 Faith In God Changes Everything
218 Can We Practice the Mosaic Law As A New Creation Christian ?
219 Our New Creation Realities
220 A Spirit of Provocation
221 A Defense of the Book of Hebrew
222 Provocation and what it means
223 The Words That We Speak
224 The Real Us
225 The Life and Times of The Prophets ______________________________________________________
Book and notes in Book From only $20 each
226 Job Notes
227 Homiletics
228 The End Time Puzzle
229 Cults
230 Importance o End Time Events
231 Financial Freedom Series
232 Living in The Word
233 Christian Hindrances
234 Let My People Go
235 Living in the Fullness of the Holy Spirit
236 Bible Prophecy
237 Spiritual Living
238 Understanding The End Times
239 Leadership of Christ
240 Doctrine 1-2-3-4
241 23 Psalm
242 God's Gift of Righteousness
243 Dressed to Kill
244 Revelation & Daniel
245 The Lives and Times of the Prophets
246 The Minor Prophets
247 The Major Prophets
248 Daniel 7-12 & 1 & 2 Maccabee
249 Bible Perspectives from God
250 Exodus 25 - Separated For His Presence
251 Our New Kind Of Life
252 The Falling Away
253 Be-Blessed Attitudes
254 The Thousand Year Reign
255 The Vine and The Branches
256 Colossians College course
257 Walking In The Spirit College course
258 The Real Us
259 Words That Move Mountains
260 Developing Dynamic Christians
261 The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit College Course
262 Men Aflame Bible Studies
263 Women of God Study
264 A Foundation Of Faith
265 The Battle For The Body College Course
266 God's Power Principles
267 Titus For Today
268 Zephaniah For Today
269 What Is Faith?
270 Paul's Life and Why Syria Is Important Today
271 A Vessel Fit For The Master's Use
272 Key To Spiritual Power
273 Daniel with Maccabee
274 Is Your Miracle Passing You By?
275 Don't Give Up Your Word
276 Your Spiritual Weapons
277 Casting Out Spirits Study
278 Cultivating The Fruit Of The Spirit
279 Living In The Vine
280 Jesus Fulfilled The Law
281 Counting The Cost
282 Living In The Word
283 The 4 Blood Moons
284 Tisha B' Av or the 9th Day of Av
285 The Spirit of Diotrephes
286 The Minor Prophets (A 13 part Series Gift for $70)
287 The Six Day and Today
288 Pentecostal But Not Charismatic
289 Some signs of Revelation
290 9th of AV Events
291 360 vs 365
292 A Covenant Between Israel and Israel
293 Defense of The Epistle of Hebrews
294 The Falling Away
295 Highway from Egypt To Assyria
296 The Man Who Did Not Die
297 Spirit Of Provcation
298 Vessel Fot For The Master Use
299 AG 22
300 Book Of Daniel
301 AB
302 Are There Prophets and Apostles Today
303 As It Was In The Days Of Noah
304 Behold The Beast
305 Bible Lessons About Faith
306 Blood Covenant Christianity
307 Casting Out Demons
308 Charts on the Bloodline
309 Charts On Babylon
310 Colossians
311 Come A Little Closer
312 Cultivating The Fruit Of The Spirit
313 Deliverance Ministry
314 Developing The Spiritual Life
315 Economic Collapse
316 Edom
317 Foundations of Faith
318 God's Power Principles
319 God's Promise For Everything
320 Golgotha
321 Heaven and Hell Series
322 Knowing God's Voice
324 Leadership Secrets
325 Life of Elijah
326 History of The False
327 How Jesus Christ Fulfilled The Old Testament
328 Knowing God's Voice
329 Living In The Fullness Of His Spirit
330 Living In The Word
332 Many Aspire
333 Men's Aflame Bible Study
334 Mid-Trib Rapture
335 Nimrod
336 Our Candle Is Turned On
337 Over 360 Prophecies foretelling Christ's Birth
338 Why Syria Is Important Today
339 Paul's Warning Not o Leave Anyone Behind
340 Protection By Angels
341 Revival Is Here
342 Sampson and the Philistines Today
343 Satan Choose his Man
344 Sleeping and the Judgments That Are Coming
345 Sodom, The Sin God Hates
346 Spirit Of Python
347 The Book of Revelation
348 The Book of Daniel
349 The Book of Joel
350 Ruth
351 The 9th ay of Av
352 The Antichrist
353 The 9 Gifts of The Holy Spirit
354 The Battle For The Body
355 The Book of 1st and 2nd Timothy
356 The Blessings and The Curses
357 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John
358 The Book of Amos
359 The Book of Esther
360 The Book of Ezra
361 The Book of Haggai
362 The Book of Hosea
363 The Book of James
364 The Life of Jacob
365 The Book of Jonah
367 The Book of Micah
368 The Book of Nahum
369 The Book of Nehemiah
370 The Book of Obadiah
371 The Book of Romans
372 The Book of 1st Peter
373 The Book of 2nd Peter
374 Titus
375 Zechariah
376 The Cross and You
377 Davidic Covenant
378 The Fall of Lucifer
379 The Good Fight of the Believer
380 The Great Revival
381 The Law Of The First Born
382 The Life and Times of The prophets
383 The Life Of Paul
384 The Major Prophets
385 The Millennium Reign
386 The Minor Prophets
387 The Oracle Of Jerusalem
388 The Book of Isaiah
389 The Parable of the Swept and Emptied House
390 Triumph of the Mind
391 Walking In The Spirit 1-4
392 Women's Bible Study
393 It's Raining Miracle part 1 & 2
394 Turning Your Dreams Into Reality
395 666 Study
396 Pentecostal Not Charismatic
397 The Father and His Family
398 Eschatology
399 Seducing Spirits and Doctrine of Demons
400 Combating Spiritual Stronghold Series
401 Authority IN Three Worlds
402 Conquest Of The Mind
403 Covenant With Death
404 Babylon The Great
405 The Harlot Rides The Beast
406 The Antichrist Reign of Terror
407 The Book of Jude
408 The Book of Philemon
409 The Book of Hebrews
410 Mystery of the Non-Mentioned Holy Day in the Gospels
411 Dispensationalism
412 Put On The Armor of God
413 Don't Let Satan Steal Your Joy
414 As A Man Thinketh In His Heart
415 The Unpardonable Sin
416 The Biblical Ease For Mid-Tribulation Truth
417 10 Bible Based Suggestions For Troubled Times
418 The Authority Of The Body
419 God's Word The Dominion Principle
420 The Priesthood
421 For A Time Such As This
422 Can we Practice The Mosaic Law As A New Creation Believer
423 The Words That We Speak
424 The Real Us
425 Our New Creation Realities
426 The Book Of Ruth
427 The Book of Jude
428 Get Rid Of The Stinking Grave Cloths
429 A Man Who Did Not Die
430 Are There Apostles and Prophets Today
431 The Antichirst Traced Back To Antiochus Epiphanies
432 Economic Collapse
433 Elijah's Last Day Ministry
434 Ezekiel 38-39
435 Jude - Keep The Faith
436 Faith, Hope, Love
437 Don't Leave Anyone Behind
438 Samson and the Philestines
439 The Book Of Amos
440 The Book Of Ruth
441 The Women of Revelation 12
442 The New Heaven And New Earth
443 The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil. It it?
444 Jesus' Disciples Names
445 Motivated By God
446 What Is The Day Of Pentecost
447 Who Is The Spirit Of God?
448 Only One Way To God
449 Divine Healing Your Gift From God
450 The Bride Of Christ
451 The Fire Of God
452 John The Baptist and The Fire Of God
453 The Fruit Of Fellowshipping With Jesus
454 Biblical Adoption
455 4 Main Keys To Bible Prophecy (So you are right)
456 Daniel's 70 weeks and Why
457 The Peace Treaties
458 Does The Bible Have Anything To Say About Global Warming
459 Is There A Problem With Prayer?
460 So Filled We Cannot Stand
461 Deliverance In Your Time Of Trouble
462 Revelations Birds Eye View
463 We Cannot Be Married To The Law And Christ
464 Who Has Bewitched You?
465 What Is The Real Gospel?
466 Free From The Law
467 False Teaching Today
468 Servants or Sons and Heirs?
469 The Peril Of Sin In The Last Days
470 Called By God
471 How To Survive In The Last Days
472 Spiritual Warfare Ephesians 6:10-12
473 Jesus and Beelzebub
474 Leviathan Destroyed
475 Your Personal Spiritual Warfare
476 Casting Out Demons and Breaking Generational Curses
477 The Life Of A Christian During The Last Days
478 Spirit Verses Flesh
479 There is Nothing New Under Heaven - Israel & Palestinians
480 The Palestinian Threat To Israel
481 They Shall Cast out Demons
482 Two Loaves One Bread
483 Preparing For Your Role In The Spiritual Battle (Coming soon)
484 The Answer To The Sabbath Controversy
485 Finding Your Anointing
486 The Blood Covenant
487 Rules of Engagement (Dealing with demons)
488 Kicking Out Demons and Curses
489 The Next Coming World War
490 A Supernatural Lifestyle
491 Warriors of Valor
492 Thy Kingdom Come
493 From Doubter, to Pouter, to Shouter
494 Eat The Honey
495 Are You Ready? 
495 Getting Rid of those Stinking Grave Clothes
496 John the Baptist and The Fire Of God
497 Keeping The Faith - Jude
498 Spirit Verses The Flesh
499 What Is An Evangelical?
500 What is Sanctification?
501 Yes You Can!
502 Ready Or Not Here I Come
503 Will The Real Giants Please Stand UP !
504 A Highway From Egypt To The Old Assyrian Nation
505 The Dreaded Sap Sucker
506 The Man Who Did Not Die and the Two Ministries that will not Die until Heaven
507 Walking On The Circumstances
508 Psalm's 83 War Fulfilled
509 We Need To Be Shaken By The Spirit Of God
510 A New Chapter
511 It Ain't Over Yet
512 Steppin Into Your Miracle
513 How Can You Sleep At A Time Like This?
514 The Day God Filled His House
515 Interceding Faith
516 9 Steps To Reach Your Goal
317 A Vessel Fit For The Master's Use
518 The Danger Of A Lean In The Wrong Direction
519 In Defense Of The Apostle Paul (free for asking)
520 Is The Love Of Money The Root Of All Evil?
521 A Ridiculous Blessing
522 Daniel Chapter 8, The Antichrist as we see Him
523 What Meaneth This?
524 Don't Put A Question Mark Where God Put A Period
525 On One Condition
526 Who Do You Think You Are?
527 Give Ye Them To Eat!
528 You Can Learn A Lot From An Ant
529 The End
530 Christ In Us -We In Christ
531 History and Bible Studies In The Book Of Isaiah
532 5 Bible Lesions About Faith
533 The Book Of Daniel
534 Faith Without Works Is Dead
535 The Other Side Of The Coin - Works and Faith
536 Fall On Us
537 Keys To Removing Satan's Mountains
538 A Victorious Praise From The Pit
539 Grabbing The Grapes-The Enemy "But"
540 Thou Art Loosed
541 I Hear The Sound Of The Abundance Of Rain
542 Leadership Ephesians 4:11-13
543 Placebo Howard Pittman's testimony
544 Crossing The Line
545 Total Trust In God (Easter Sunday)
546 The Great Mystery  
547 Hope For A Hopeless World
548 The Way To Wholeness
549 Romans 6:1-14 Free Because of the True Baptism
550 What Faith is and How it Works
551 The Inspired Book of Error
552 Our Highest Motivation
553 The Other Comforter
554 Death Verses Life
555 The Tragic Prophecy
556 The Power Of Your Words
557 1 John (Fellowship of Love).
558 The New Covenant
559 Pulling Down Strongholds
560 Too Blessed To Be Cursed
561 What Are You Waiting For?
562 Little Is Much when it is God
563 The Drought Of Dry Eyes
564 A New Chapter
565 It Ain't Over Yet
566 Stepping Into Your Miracle
567 How Can You Sleep At A Time Like This?
568 You Are Loosed!
569 A Victory Praise From The Pit
570 Grabbing The Grapes
571 The Believer's Shoes
572 The Believer's Helmet
573 His Presence Makes The Difference
574 4 Main Keys To Understanding Bible Prophesy
575 Your Last Day Harvest Is Now Released
576 A Queen Under Control
577 As It Was In The Days Of Noah
578 Comparing Judas with Peter 
579 God's Vineyar
580 When God Says "Seven"
581 The Wind Of God Is Blowing
582 Love & Hate
583 The Message Of The Spirit
584 There Is A Fast Flowing River Here
585 The Anointing Has Found You
586 They Wanted Wine!
587 The Normal Christian Life

588 Spiritual Warfare For You

589 The Lazarus  Generation

590 Under The Blood

591 The True Watchman Warns The Church Before

592 Those Who Know Their God

593 Where They Said There Is Nothing

594 If You Can Catch His Presence

595 Where There Is No Altar The Church Will Falter

596 The Zoe Life Of God

597 Life In The Spirit

598 The Seven Churches Of Revelation

599 Raised From The Pit

600 Its Time To Stand Up And Win
Question: "What does it mean that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath?"
Answer: The phrase “the Lord of the Sabbath” is found in Matthew 12:8, Mark 2:28, and Luke 6:5. In all three instances Jesus is referring to Himself as the Lord of the Sabbath or, as Mark records it, “The Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath” (Mark 2:28). In these verses, Jesus is proclaiming that He is the One who exercises authority even over the rules and regulations that govern the Sabbath day.

As such, Jesus was proclaiming to the world, especially to the legalistic Pharisees, that He was greater than the Law and above the laws of the Mosaic Covenant because, as God in flesh, He is the Author of those laws. Unable to keep the Law, however, the Pharisees had instituted a complex and confusing system of Sabbath laws of their own that was oppressive and legalistic. They had set up strict laws regarding how to observe the Sabbath, which included 39 categories of forbidden activities. In essence, these religious leaders had made themselves lords of the Sabbath, thus making themselves lords over the people.

As Creator, Christ was the original Lord of the Sabbath (John 1:3; Hebrews 1:10). He had the authority to overrule the Pharisees’ traditions and regulations because He had created the Sabbath—and the Creator is always greater than the creation. Furthermore, Jesus claimed the authority to correctly interpret the meaning of the Sabbath and all the laws pertaining to it. Because Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath, He is free to do on it and with it whatever He pleases.

As Lord of the Sabbath, Jesus had the right, power, and authority to dispense it in any way He pleased, even to the abolishing of it and reinstituting it as the Lord’s Day, a day of worship. Since the Lord of the Sabbath had come, He who is the only true “Sabbath rest” made the old law of the Sabbath no longer needed or binding. When He said, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27), Jesus was attesting to the fact that, just as the Sabbath day was originally instituted to give man rest from his labors, so did He come to provide us rest from laboring to achieve our own salvation by our works. Because of His sacrifice on the cross, we can now forever cease laboring to attain God’s favor and rest in His mercy and grace


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