It is our commitment to continually supply you with these fresh revelations from the Throne of God. These come from the fruits of hours of waiting before the Lord, receiving revelation knowledge as He speaks to my heart on what His people have a need of. We count it a honor to serve you with these materials and to pray for you. Please do not hesitate to call or write with your prayer requests so we can stand in agreement with you for any needs that you or your ministry may have. God is great and He is faithful and He will accomplish His Word and Plan in your life. May you be blessed as you grow in Him. Shipping charges are at the bottom of this page.


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All sermons are by Brother Don Evans unless otherwise noted !


12/15/02  "God Has Need Of You."

1/12/03    "2003 Is For Me !"

2/2/03      "God's Riches Are Ours" 

3/6/03      "Canoeing To Heaven"

3/16/03    "Putting The Devil Under Our Feet"

3/23/03    "The Last Hour Of Praise"  Joey Rivera 

4/20/03     "Resurrection Power" (Easter Sunday)

5/4/03       "Grasshopper Mentality"

6/8/03       "The Best Is Yet To Come" Joey Rivera

6/8/03        "Where Is Your Level Of Oil" Dennis

6/21/03       "Are You Part Of The Remnant?"

6/27/03        " Follow The Cloud" 

7/26/03        " The King and His Army"

7/26/03        "Faith That Produces"

8/12/03        "Arise And Go Over"

9/12/03        " Our Father"

9/05/03        " Empty Hi-Ways or Crowded Detours"

10/26/03      " Rope A Dope"

11/2/03        "There's No Smoke On Me!"

11/2/03        "Signs Of The False Church"

11/9/03        "Building Your Tower To God"

12/28/03      "Faith For The Last Days"

  1/11/04       "Perfecting Your Faith"

  2/15/04       "Patience - Key To Victory"

  3/21/04       "Where Is Your Burning Bush?"

  4/4/04         "In His Presence"

  4/4/04         "Not All Have Bowed Their Knees"

  5/21/04       "A New Cart For God!  Sad!"

  6/20/04       "The Father of The Prodigal Son!"

  7/25/04       "God Is Doing It Again"

  8/1/04         "Faith Our Lifestyle"

  9/12/04       "Living Victoriously in The Last Days"

 10/17/04      "Chickens Pen Living"

 10/24/04     "Swimming In The Deep" 

 11/28/04     "Lets Make A Deal" 

 12/12/04    Weeping Between The Porch and the Altar

 01/16/05     "The Hidden Word"

 02/6/05        I Am Blessed Regardless

 03 13/05      The Rock Is In Your Hand

 03/19/05      Is America & the Church Like Samson

 03/20/05      Settle It and Be Blessed

 04/3/05        If Satan Can't Steal Your Dreams, He

                     Can't Control Your Destiny

 04/17/05      God Himself (Heb. 2:4)

 04/24/05      Preparing Your Heart

 05/22/05      Victory In The Lion's Den

 05/29/05      Living The Resurrection Life

 06/17/05      The Way To Victory

 07/23/05      My Cup Runneth Over

09/25/05       Tearing Down the Walls

09/25/05       He's Coming, Are You Going?

10/23/05       Finishing the Race "Strong"

11/6/05         The Fire Burning In The Church

12/25/05       Spirit Walking

1/8/06           When God Interrupts Your Natural 

                      course of life                    

2/26/06         The Override Button

3/5/06            US!

3/19/06          End Time Faith

4/15/06          Don't Be Spiritually Blind

4/16/06          A Chain Breaking, Earth Shaking Revival

4/30/06          Overcoming Defeat

5/7/06            God's Promises - Above & Beyond

5/28/06          The Awesome Power of God's Word

6/11/06          Will Require The Power of the Holy Spirit

6/25/06          Against All Odds

7/30/06          The Best Is Yet To Come 

8/6/06            Growing Up Then Going Up  

9/24/06          Setting Your Destination

10/1/06          Making Faith Decisions

10/15/06        Thinned Skinned, Shallow

                       Rooted Christians

10/29/06        God's Mightiest Men

11/12/06        Increase Your Anointing

12/10/06        Living Outside Your Comfort Zone - by

                      Rodger Roulstin

12/31/06        My Grace Is Sufficient For You

1/30/07          Are We Safe? (End Time Message)

2/11/07          You and the Holy Spirit

2/18/07          What Prophetic Event May Be Next

3/11/07          The Sleeping Church

3/11/07          Popeye Faith (Faith comes in "cans")

4/15/07          The Coming Spiritual Restoration

4/22/07          Knowing Your Enemy

5/20/07          We Make Our Choices

5/27/07          What's Holding You Back ?

6/10/07          God Remembers !

7/8/07            The Ride Back

7/15/07           Ten Terrible Days (Prophetic)

8/26/07           Caleb the Dedicated

9/30/07           Breaking The Victim Mentality

10/7/07           Don't Settle For The Crumbs

10/14/07         Get Up And Do Something For God

10/21/07         The Dry Bones Will Come Alive

11/25/07         God's Anointing Produces Results

12/9/07           God Remembers !

12/23/07         Wise Men Still Come

1/6/08             Going Home or Back To The Cross

1/13/08           Knowing Your Position

2/24/08           Building A Hedge Around Yourself

3/15/08           Fight The Good Fight Of Faith

4/20/08           Dare To Be A Champion

5/25/08           Our Rule Book

6/8/08             Is There Any Hope ?

7/6/08            Where Are We In Time

8/10/08           We Never Lose

9/7/08             Victors Even In These Bad Time

10/19/08        Don't Jump Ship!

11/11/08        Far Better Than Crumbs

12/7/08          Come To The Water

 1/11/09         Even There

 1/18/09         God Never Forgets Us

 2/22/09         Psalm 23 - The Path of Blessings

 3/8/09           5 Things to Remember For 2009

 4/5/09           Wired For God

 5/17/09         Bumping Into The Holy Spirit

 6/21/09         First the Silence - Then the Fury

 7/6/09           Five Reasons To Keep On Keeping On

 7/19/09         Step Forward, Not Backward

 8/16/09         Crossing Over Our Jordan

 8/23/09         Our Strength Is In God

 9/27/09         Feast or Famine

10/25/09        2x4 Faith

11/15/09        When the Master of Breakthrough Shows Up

12/27/09        Swimming

 1/24/10         God is Still God No Matter What

 1/31/10         Submit, Persevere and Win

 2/7/ 10          Here Come The Things

 2/21/10         Trusting God Always Bring Victory

 3/7/10           Kingdom Living

 4/11/10         Bold Faith

 5/16/10         The Perfect Storm - Dennis Forehand

 6/8/10           Ezekiel 37

 7/15/10        We Are Christ's

 8/15/10        What Eternal Life Does  

 8/24/10        From the Tomb To The Womb

 9/5/10          Knocked Down But Not Out

 9/12/10        It Ain't Over Until God Says It's Over

 9/19/10       Something Good Is Going To Come Out Of

                    This !   

10/17/10      Is There A Believer In The House

11/16/10      Earth Based, Heaven Bound

12/5/10        A Living Fact

12/19/10     Battling and Building

1/ 21/11      Over Coming Your Giants

2/6/11         It Only Takes A Spark

2/20/11      Our Biblical Hope

3/27/11      Hammer The Devil

4/17/11      Is My Blood Applied - Randy Johns

4/24/11      The Napkin is still folded. He's Coming 


5/8/11        Jesus in Our Midst

5/15/11     Emptied of Self

5/22/11     Pick It Up   AM

5/22/11     A New Season   PM

6/12/11     I'll Take Mine Now

7/3/11       Then Came Jesus

7/24/11     Three in One Special CD's

                 Your Time Is Up, Devil


                 Change Your Atmosphere

8/7/11       Please, Just One More Step

9/4/11       The Breaker's Anointing

9/25/11     It's Your Time Now

10/3/11     Hang Onto Your Word

11/13/11   A Two Part Miracle Producing Message

                 There's A Miracle Coming Your Way

                 It's Already In The House

11/20/11  Armed and Dangerous

12/25/11  God's Christmas Gift to You

1/ 21/12   Your Do Season (Time)

2/23/12    Fireless Foxes

3/19/12    Don't Put A Question Mark, Where God Puts A Period

4/15/12    The Dynamic Duo

5/6/12      The Fat Lady Hasn't Sang Yet or the Best is yet to Come 

5/27/12     A Place Called There 

6/33/12     Let Elijah Go

7/22/12     Changed By His Fire

8/5/12       Grabbing The Grapes

8/12/12     I Hear The Sound of the Abundance of Rain

9/6/12       Combat Ready

10/28/12   I'll Have What He's Having

11/4/12     What Are You Going To Do About That

12/ 1/12    When Jesus Says Come - Come!

 1/1/13      When The Wind Blows  

 2/3/13      Where Are he Caleb's 

 3/7/13     Can I Get A Lift

 4/9/13     I Smell The Sent of Water

 5/5/13     I Went To The Enemies Camp And Took Back What He Stole From Me

6/7/13      Shout For Your Miracle or Victory

7/3-7/13   All of the Camp Meeting services

7/14/13    Grab His Presence

8/15/13    No Grasshoppers Here

9/ 17/13   No More Crumbs

10/7/13    Fall On Us

11/10/13  Turning Point

12/11/13  The End

  1/ 5/14    Because Of The Anointing

  2/16/14   Its Coming Back

  3/7/14     There's A Miracle Coming Your Way

  4/5/14     Stir Up The Gift That Is In You

  5/15/14   The God That Delivers

  6/15/14   The Second Outpouring Is Here

  7/14/14   I've Got Your Miracle

  8/12/14   The Believers Joy

  9/15/14   Your Promises Are Coming

10/14/14   Tumble Weeds

11/7/14     Getting Ready For The Best Ever

12/14/14   Somebody Got To Get  Mad!

  1/14/15   The Vanguard Church

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