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For in these last days, sayith your Father God, multitudes, multitudes shall turn to you because they will see you walking in the victory. They will see you walking in the blessing. They'll see you walking in the authority and they'll run to you. Yea, they'll come by night, they will come by day, they will come seeking shelter. They will come seeking help and you must know your authority in me, sayith your Father God. You must know that I have given unto you the authority and the power. Yes, the authority and the power and the ability to do all things, great and mighty things! For there shall be miracles. There shall be signs, There shall be wonders, Yea, you shall see creative miracles. Miracles one after another, you shall see them. You shall see them come without legs and they shall leave with legs. They shall come without arms and they shall leave with arms. They shall come with body parts missing and I your Father God shall perform a creative miracle. And they shall go from this place, sayeth your Father God, they shall go from your place to come. They shall go, yes, they shall go and they shall be made whole. And the word shall spread, the word shall spread and they shall come to your houses at night, and they shall knock upon your door, and they shall seek safety. They shall seek you to help them for the deliverance that they need. And you shall minister unto them. For my people shall be a great army. Yes, they shall not be an army that shall move back in fear or draw back in fear, but they shall be an army that is bold! For they shall be greater than even the mighty men that David had. For you shall do things that man before in the past was fearful of doing, but you'll have no fear. For you'll be strong in me, sayith your Father God. You'll be strong in me. For my power shall be flowing through you without limitation. For I shall pour out my spirit upon you in these days, sayeth your Father God, without measure, without measure! And the dreams that you had before in the past shall be small in comparison to the dreams that I will give unto you now. Your visions, yes, they shall even be greater! And you will be able to see into that spirit realm and know and understand in that spirit realm as only I know, and only my children that walk with me. You shall know and understand those things and you shall walk in constant victory. It shall not be a time of up and down, but it shall be a time of constant victory. Constant victory! Constant victory! You'll not know defeat! You'll not know discouragement! You'll not know lack! You'll not know suffering! You'll not know pain! But you will walk in the fullness of my promise. For I said unto the children of Israel when I delivered them out of Egypt that no sickness, disease, or pestilence shall enter their dwelling. None of the plagues of the Egyptians shall enter into their dwellings. That promise is for you also my children. For I've established it to all my children. And you can walk in the fullness of that and know of a surety that I your Father God shall fulfill it. Even though you haven't seen it in the past, you shall see it now, sayith your Father God. You shall see it and know it now. And people will bless you. They will desire to give unto you their goods they will desire to give unto you their fortunes. But heap them not up for yourselves, sayith your Father God. But it shall be for my work in these last days, sayith your Father God. And you shall have all the finances that you need. For just as the Egyptians gave unto the Israelites, and they had no lack when they left the land, you also shall have no lack. For they shall came and they'll give to you. They will plead with you. They'll beg with you to take their money, to take their riches. To take the things that they have because they will be fearful of the things that are going on. But you shall walk in victory! You shall walk in victory, and many things shall be done. Yea, and I'll see to it, sayith your Father God, as you continue to go on with me, that you shall be out of debt in every area. Not only your church, but everyone that comes. Everyone that walks with me shall walk in that place of being debt free because I your Father God shall see to it. For you need that in these last days. For if you're not debt free in these last days, sayith your Father God, then you'll become a slave to the one that you owe, and you'll became in bondage. So I your Father God shall move. Yes, I shall move in these days that are just ahead, and I shall begin to deliver you out of that. I say unto you, be very careful. Be very careful. Make sure you're hearing my voice if you enter into anything, saith your Father God, that shall put you in the place of bondage. Make sure it is me directing you, because at times I shall direct you to bless you. I shall tell you to do things that in the natural seem stupid. In the natural they'll seem crazy, and you'll say why this or why that, Lord? And I'll do it to bless you. I will turn it around where it shall become a blessing to you. Yea, not only to you, it'll become a blessing to many, many others. And you shall walk in the fullness of those blessings. For I am moving on your behalf, saith your Father God. I am moving mightily on your behalf. I've always desired to move on your behalf but now, now you're pressing in. Now you are pressing through. And again I say unto you, tear down the complete wall. Tear it all down, that entering into my presence becomes normal. That it becomes natural. That it becomes a continuous thing, not just a working up to. But that when you came into this place, saith your Father God, when you came into my house to worship and to praise me, you'll come already in that place of worship and praise, and you'll only enter into the supernatural, And I'll be able to move mightily. I'll be able to do the miracles. I'll be able to do the creative things that need to be done for other people. For you '11 have no need. Know ye not that I said you'd have no need? It will be others that I'll need to move upon. And I need you in that place, sayith your Father God, that you're in the full place of worship. Worshiping me, exalting me, lifting me up on high that the world knows it's not you. That it's not some supernatural thing that you 're doing, but it's me. It's my power! It's my might! It's mine, sayith the Lord! Touch not my glory in that area, saith your Father God! But humble yourself and realize that I have chosen you. Foolish ones in a sense, those that have been discouraged in the past. Those that have run and fled and hid from the enemy. Yea, even those that did not want to press all the way in. I've chosen you, saith your Father God. I know what I am doing, and I shall make of you the greatest army possible and many shall join your ranks, not only here, saith your Father God, but throughout the whole world. But it's you that I have chosen. It's you! Understand this! It is you that I have chosen! It is you that I'll move through the greatest! It is you that I shall move through the mightiest! And others shall come and they shall receive from you, and they shall take it into other places. And this miracle revival shall spread throughout all the world. For the things that they're seeing now are small in comparison to the things that I'm about to do. For my work in these last days shall be glorious works., They' 11 be works that, yea, my prophets dreamed about. That my prophets sat back and thought about. Even those of modern day, yea, they've thought about these times, but they have not seen these times, nor have they entered into these times before. But you have entered in, saith your Father God. You've entered because it is truly the last day. It is that time, it is that hour, and you have moved into it. Hallelujah! You have willingly, yes, you have willingly submitted unto me, and listened to me, and followed my commandment. And you have moved into that place. Said I not unto you, you have broken through the walls? Now it's time to tear the wall down. Now it's time to become even more mighty than you are right now. It's time that when you begin to pray that even the traffic that passes by this place, that passes by the place that you shall be at, shall came to a standstill. For they'll not know what's going on but they'll sense my presence, the aweness of my presence. And they'll weep and they'll cry, and they'll fall on their faces and they'll repent from sin. For my power shall be there without measure, and they shall see it hovering over you, saith your Father God. It shall hover over you in a greatness, a heaviness of a cloud. A cloud a pillar of fire, that many shall see. For when they come looking for you knowing not where you are, they shall see the light even as the wise men saw the star and followed to the place in Bethlehem. They shall know where you are because that supernatural glow, that Shekinah glory of Almighty God shall hover over you. And it shall draw them. They shall come, yea, like metal to a magnet they shall come. They shall come from the North, they shall come from the East, they shall come from the West, they shall come, they shall come! Yea, and they shall be charged up Yea, a newness of spirit shall enter into them and they shall go back and they shall change the places that they live in. And there'll be a speedy work done. It shall not be a long work sayeth your Father God. So do not misunderstand me or think that I am saying it is going to take a long time. For it shall take but a short time.

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For it's a great thing, a great thing that I do for you. For it is not small but some in their minds and in their eyes think that it is small, saith your Father God but I have declared over and over to you that it is an awesome thing. It is far greater than you envision. It is far greater than you think for did I not give unto the 200 mile circle? Know ye not, that there is none, I say none unto you none, none, within that area flowing in the supernatural such as I am pouring out upon you. I shall pour out even more so. Lo not be deceived, be not fooled by things that look like they are Me. But know Me, know me your Father God and realize that I have chosen you, yea, I have put My seal upon you. I have stamped you and I said it shall be you. I have made that choice sayeth your Father God and I'll do the work, I'll do the work! Be not fearful but run with it, run with it, run with it, run with it!!!!


For I say unto you My children, not only are you the hub, but you are the axle, Yes, the axle that turns that hub. For everything shall turn from here on out sayith your Father God, and from here on out, throughout the whole area shall that anointing flow. Yea, it shall flow in a mighty way, for you are that axle that I your Father God has made. I have you turn that hub, you turn that hub because it is I your Father God that turneth you and therefore you turn the hub. So, fear not, fear not, the direction, Fear not the things that I say, but rejoice, rejoice and realize that you will be royalty such as you have never been before. That My anointing is going to be upon you such as you haven't, nor tasted, nor felt before and you will always feel, yea you will always feel like you are walking on a cloud. You'll always feel like My anointing is flowing even stronger. Yea, and those around about you shall see it, they shall know it, they shall feel it and they shall fall before you, yes they shall fall before you because your anointing shall be awesome, My children, awesome, because it shall be Me, yes, it shall be Me turning you and you shall turn that whole hub!  For I show unto you this night, a mystery sayith your Father God, for there are many, many more hubs. Each hub interlinks with the other, so as they turn, you turn also saith your Father God. As you turn, you turn them also and across the whole world sayith your Father God, I have placed hubs, yes, I Have placed hubs, I have placed hubs and they interlock and even this night they are turning they are turning, saith your Father God. For My work is going forth, yea, My army is going forth and I am conquering, yes I am conquering, I am making that last move. I am doing that last revival and it shall sweep across all nations. There shall not be a nation in the world that is not touched. Yea, there shall not be a people of the world that it does not touch and great shall be the revival, great shall be the revival for I your Father God, yea am turning it, I am turning it, I am turning it!!  Every wheel shall interlock and the whole system shall work as one, one cannot stop without the other turning it For if one was to fail, saith your Father God, the whole system would break down. But is shall flow as one, it shall flow as one, yes it shall start here saith your Father God as I have said before, but it shall spread. It shall interlock and it shall flow as one through out the earth and you shall know and you shall proclaim and it shall be heard and it shall be done for I your Father God have placed this into being. It is not man, it is not man for man has not the ability to place such things into being as this, saith your Father God for it is I that have placed it together yea, My master plan, fits perfectly together such like a watch upon your wrist yea every gear functioning perfectly as one, causing it to stay on time, causing it to stay on the straight path, causing it to go from and fulfill the things that it was designed to do. For I have designed it for My church. For this hour and Yea, the devil trembles. He fears, he fears, he fears greatly and he waged war upon you because of his fear but He has not stopped you, nor has he caused you to turn back even though he has tried and he has tried. Yea you have stood fast, stood fast and therefore I am going to use you mightily yea, I shall use you mightily as I have said and you shall see it, you shall see it and you shall rejoice yes you rejoice because that network saith your Father God shall be so perfectly put together it will function perfectly in every area and what is done here shall be done elsewhere and what is done else-

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where shall be done here and it shall move on and on and on and on until I come to gather out My church. It shall be a glorious time, a glorious time, an awesome time for the church, an awesome time for the church for your presence shall be felt throughout all the land and all your power and all your ability and all you anointing for I your Father God, yea I have called it to be, hallelujah and it is so and it is operating, yes it is moving right now saith your Father God and you are a part, you are a part, and you are a part!!!!

For I say unto My church, the door is open, the door is open. Go through, go through, go through, go through!!

For it is easy, sayith your Father God. It is easy. Step into that spiritual realm and allow Me to move. Yea, your heart is lifted up, yea, even your spirit man and soul is lifted up, yea and walk even higher as you rejoice, then I can do great things on your behalf. Oh, I say unto you always press in. Always come in. The door is always open for you to come in. Yea, and to sup with Me and I will sup with you. Yea and I will pour My Spirit upon you even greater yet, saith your Father God and you shall walk, yea, you shall walk in victory. You shall know victory and defeat. Defeat shall not know you nor will it know your house nor your land, yea it shall even know the places that you work, for you shall walk in victory and they shall be blessed because of you. Yes, they will be blessed because of you and everything, everything I say, everything that you put your hand to shall prosper!!!!

APRIL 16 1994

Many have wondered why I speak so much today. It is because most of you do not really believe Me like you think you do. I need to make believers out of you. That if I say, walk on the water, you'll walk on the water. If I say raise the dead, you'll raise the dead. You have a hard time believing the things I have already told you and yet I have said you have not seen the half yet! I have far greater things for you to do then you even know. Therefore, I have placed my two most powerful prophets in this place yes, there are lesser prophets here. But as it was in the days of Elijah and Elisha, The other prophets did not know nor hear My voice like these two. At times they fought my two true prophets and yet their words always came to pass. Right now, I your Father I am talking to you very clearly. I speak and My prophet interprets what I am saying because most of you do not really know my voice like you should. I made plans for this place and this people before the foundations of the earth. I am the one that chose this place and this people to move through. Soon people will hear that I, Almighty God am speaking clearly through My two prophets a prophet and prophetess to be exact and they in turn tell you what is ahead, how to walk, how to have the victory so that you will not miss the path. It is the last hour and my people must do as I tell them in order to walk in total victory. Soon they will come to hear and miracles will take place. Yes, there will be those who say this is not of God; but I say watch and see as it comes to pass for My true prophets cannot and will not be wrong. As you become true believers, then your faith will become great faith and your spiritual ears will be open to My voice and nothing. I say nothing shall be impossible for you to do, Nothing, my children, nothing. So do not allow anything or anyone to draw you from here. For I have chosen you and you are to do the work that I need done in this last hour. Many said that Mary could not be with My child and yet it was so. Jesus spoke only the things I told Him and so shall My two prophets. I am going to do a work so powerful and wonderful that your human mind cannot understand it. You have never been in a move like this. I said I would make the last outpouring far greater then the first. It shall be the first and last put together. It shall be triple whatever has been. Not shall it be voiced only here, but they will hear all over the world and they shall come, Yes, they will come! Do you really know that victory is your birthright. Everyone of my children must know this truth. Have I not said, for whosoever is born of God, overcometh the world? Didn't I also say, this is the victory that overcometh the world, even your faith? I will make you victorious in these days. So be not trouble at how much I talk to you. Rather try the Spirits and see if they be from Me. See if My Word does not come to pass. Said I not that I would tell you the things that were coming that would effect you? Did I not say that you would walk in total victory. That the miracles were going to be far greater then you can dream? Stop questioning and listen and follow me. I have those in this place who will confirm all this for those of you who are new here. I have also called you and I said that you would quickly run with what I am saying. Ground yourselves and know My Word. Know that you are blessed to be part of this great move that I am doing. Run not after other things but run with Me. I have great and I do mean great things in store for you. Do not be fearful or allow your fire to die down. You shall be as David's mighty men! You will be of a great blessing to this place and the ministry. Submit yourselves under this leader for it is of Me. You shall be used in the area of healing and miracles also. You shall help for there will be need of much help. At times the whole church will fall under My power and stay there for long periods of time. For My glory cloud shall fill your church. Know that I have called you here and be faithful when the doors are open. Be committed here and under My leaders and see how great and mighty I shall move for you.

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..etc .. more teachers, yet my minister is here and he is the head. He is also a prophet, one of the two mighty prophets. I will bring in a music team that will function together as one and shall lead My people into the deepest worship and My presence as never before. I will use people more in the gifts, and yet my prophets shall declare what is to come and others should not try to push themselves into a Office of the prophet to be like them. I give out the Offices. Function in the offices that I give to you for everyone of the offices is a very important part of the body. Everyone is important, but in this place as I have said, shall be my two greatest prophets. Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelist, Apostles, Missionaries, and believers shall come from my body to your Ministry and receive more and take it back into the world and revival shall be everywhere. But it shall be far greater here then any place else. I know this is hard to understand, yet prophecies for the last 7 years have said that "I would pour out My Spirit, starting in the Northeast, and from there it would spread to the South and then throughout the world." I was not talking about Canada. Canada is part of the world. My church assumed that I meant Canada and yet it is here that I meant. This place has always refused My moves, but no longer. For I am gathering those who have had the desire for My moves here together and with those here and those who are coming, I will do My work. I gave you a Shepherd/Prophet that will not be run off nor run from a fight. Through him and My Prophetess, and you people, I will do this work. Do not fight among yourselves, but rather gather yourselves together as one and run with this vision that I your Father God have given and every single one of you shall be used in a far greater way then you yet see. My plans for this place are far greater then you yet have, or could dream.  You are a pleasure to my heart. You have been reject and yet I make of you Mighty Men, even more powerful than David's Mighty Men. When you are in your own buildings, people will come and there will be a team ready to minister 24 hours a day. Throughout the World people, will call or come for they will know that there are those here in this place that can get the answers they have need of. This My children shall all be done in a short time. For you are in the Last Days and soon the End shall come. But until then, you shall be know as the Place where God talks to His people and the Place where all their needs can and will be met. Now Rejoice, For I Almighty God have chosen you of all people!  I shall do this work through you and all others that will be willing to submit themselves to this ministry that I your Father have called into being. These shall be My Mighty Warriors, led by My Mighty Warrior and My Prophet. So allow Me to do a work in your lives this day. A work that will help prepare you for what I am doing. Let not anyone draw you from here. Rather press in more than you are now and come into every service ready to be refilled and all week you will be pouring out what I give to you and you will need to be filled just as your car needs gas for the long trips, so shall you need My Oil for the trip I your Father God am taking you on. Do not try to control this move, rather allow the swift currants of My Waves to carry you into all I have for you. Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! Now receive what I have for you! Receive it now!!

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faithful and I shall bless you and I shall exalt you for I said the diligent, those who seek me diligently, I will reward them. I shall reward you. I shall reward you sayeth Your Father God for I love you! I love you! I love You!!

I want My House to be a house of excitement, a house of praising, a house that is filled with joy and laughter. Oh but men have made it a house of deadness and coldness. A place where men desired to come only for a short time and to see how fast they could get home to something more exciting at home. But, I tell you People, My House, My House, is to be a house of excitement, a house where My People love to be where they can't wait to get there, they don't want to go home. Where they just want to linger, linger in My presence. That is what I desire My House to be People. A place filled with excitement, Filled with the goings on of the Spirit, filled with things happening, filled with the miraculous and the wonderful and the mighty. A place where people want to be. A place where people want to linger, and see the power of God manifested. Oh, it shall be that way. It shall be that way in these last days, People! Oh, enter in! Enter in and you shall see it! You shall be a part of it and you shall rejoice in the Lord Your God! !!  My House shall be filled with laughter! My House shall be filled with laughter! Oh, My House shall be filled with much joy Oh for they shall hobble in! They shall skip on their way out! Oh, do you hear Me, People? They shall hobble on the way in but they shall be skipping on the way out! They shall be carried in but they shall be running back out! oh, do you hear Me, People? Do you hear Me, People? My House, My House, shall be filled, shall be filled with great joy! Great laughter! For people shall come with heavy hearts oh, but they shall leave lifted up. They shall leave joyful. They shall leave laughing. They shall leave with joy. Much, much, joy in their hearts!! The hallway will be lined with the wheelchairs. The halls will be lined. with such apparatus as people need to sustain their lives but they shall not leave with those things. They will not leave with those things. They will leave them lined on the walls. I shall set them free! They shall be set free! They shall know the joy of serving their Maker! Yes, those burdens, those burdens shall be lifted, those burdens shall be lifted! My People shall walk in such joy that they have never known before! For the weights of the enemy shall be lifted up off their shoulders. They shall no longer allow the enemy to place those weights about them. They shall walk in freedom! They shall walk in freedom! Oh, People you have never known the joy of such freedom, of such freedom, because you have come with many cares, many weights. But, as those weights are lifted of from your shoulders, you shall know joy, contentment like you have never, never known before!!


I wish I had energy like the little children! Oh, People even the old ones are going to have energy like the children. They shall dance and skip before their Lord Their God! Oh, they shall dance and skip! There shall not be a feeble one among them! There shall not be a feeble one among them! Oh, for they will all be strong in the Lord Their God! They shall witness! They shall witness the exploits of the Lord. Oh, for they that shall be strong in the Lord, they shall do exploits! They shall do exploits! How shall you be strong, People? But as the joy of the Lord rises up, within thee, for is not the joy of Thy Lord thy strength? Oh, you shall witness and be a part of those exploits that I shall do in thy midst! In these last days, there shall be darkness in the world! And the people of the world will be looking for light! They are not looking for churches where people are weeping and crying and pleading at an altar and it seems like they have no God. For they have no joy. For they have no demonstration of power. They have nothing. But, I am doing a work in you, My Children. That when they come, they shall see the joy. For they will be coming to places for rest. To a sanctuary of peace! They'll be coming looking for help and help will be here because you know your God! And your God shall do great and mighty things on your behalf. For I have said unto you, yea, the lame shall walk, the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, even the dead shall be raised. It shall be common place unto you and they shall come from near and they shall come from far yea, many shall make a voyage across the sea to come, But, they shall come. They shall come. They shall come! For the buses shall bring them in yes, they shall come for they shall know that there is a house! There is a house where they know their God! Where they laugh! Where joy fills their heart! Where the power of Almighty God is able to move! Where they know their God and know that He answers and they are not begging and they are not pleading to a God who seems to not hear. That seems not to be there. For their God shall be there! And they shall meet their God and they shall know their God and their lives shall be saved and their lives shall be turned about. And their names shall be added to the Lamb's Book of Life. I say unto you, rejoice and be not fearful of the things that I am doing in your life. Think not that these things are strange! For when darkness comes, people shall be looking for those things and you shall have them. You shall be a comfort. You shall be a joy. You shall be a peace unto them for they will know that anybody that has this joy, anybody that has this peace, anybody that has this comfort in days that are so terrible, as they shall be, truly they know a God!! A God that is able to take care of them, A God that is able to supply for them, A God that is able to do all that He says. And I'll do it Children!! I'll do it!! There will be many, sayith Your Father God, that will say you are weird! That you have gone overboard. But I want you to know, My Children, that you will be drunk in My Spirit! Does not a drunk man act strange? Cannot you pick out a drunk man out of a crowd? For I shall fill you to overflowing with My Spirit and you shall be drunk in My Spirit! You will also be drunk in My Power! And My Power will flow from you. So, think it not strange, when they say these things are not of God. Think it not strange when they laugh at you and mock at you but, let not your heart be concerned with that. Realize that you are pleasing Me. You are pleasing Me! And that is the main thing. I said seek Me first! and all the other things I'll add unto you! And truly you shall be blessed. You'll be blessed because My heart delights. My heart delights in those who worship Me! Those who worship Me with all their being! With all their being, Children, with all their being! That is a pleasure to My heart!! Even the angels rejoice with you, Heaven is filled with the praises because of your praises. Oh I love you, I love You!!!


There will be no limits for My Church, in these last days, sayith your Father God! For My People shall truly worship Me in Spirit and Truth. They shall worship Me in freedom and they shall love Me and yea, they shall follow Me and they shall continue to do the things that I, your Father God, tell them to do and they shall go forth with great shouting and great victory. Yea, they shall dance and praise Me and great and mighty shall be the work that they shall do!!


.etc.. every single life so keep yourself open. Keep yourself open unto Me and the things that I your Father God desire to do for I shall move fast, yes, I shall move fast in your life and great things shall take place and you shall see the blessings rolling in for they shall overtake you even as My Word has said, and you shall walk in the fullness of My promise so, stay open My People, stay open. I love you, I love you and I desire to bless you, abundantly above and beyond all that you think or ask, and you shall see it, yes, you shall walk in it!! You are a very special people. You are very special, saith your Father God. For as I blessed Abraham, so shall I bless you. For as Abraham walked throughout the land and claimed the land, so shall you. Many nations shall look upon you and they shall see My blessing upon you. They shall see the things that I your Father God have reserved, yes, just until these last days. The days that you are now living in. And you shall walk in the fullness of those things. And you shall be highly exalted. They shall come and they shall seek you out for wisdom. They shall seek you out for counsel. They shall seek you out for the way to walk. For the church has turned from My Way. Yes, they have gone their own way. But, not you, saith your Father God. For you shall walk in all holiness yes, holiness shall be a part of your lifestyle. People shall come and they shall inquire of you and you shall tell them And they shall put away the things that have hindered them and they likewise shall enter in and they shall be blessed for I have many blessings, saith your Father God. I have many blessings, blessings that have been laid upon the shelf for years upon years, upon years. My People have not claimed them nor have My People walked in the fullness of things, but I have them for you. You shall walk in them and you shall see them. Wisdom and knowledge shall flow from you and the gifts, the power of Almighty God shall flow through you. The sick shall be healed, the lame shall walk, the deaf shall hear, the dead shall be raised and you shall walk in a glory, and you shall walk in a glow that the world has never seen and they shall come from far. They shall come from far, even as they came unto Solomon from far, to inquire of him of his riches, to inquire of him of his blessings, so shall they come unto you. For you shall walk in a place that none have walked before. But, I have this, saith your Father God, for all of My People for this last hour. And the world shall see, yes they shall see and understand and know that there is a God in heaven and He watches over His People and He takes care of His people, that He supplies for His people. That He goes to war on behalf of His people. That He keeps them safe. And they walk in the fullness of the things that He has for them. You shall be blessed. Highly blessed. Highly blessed. Highly blessed in these last days, saith your Father God. Far more blessed than you realize, Far more wisdom shall flow from you than you will even understand. And at times, you shall stand amazed at how your mouth is speaking for it will be I, your Father God that shall speak through you, and they shall listen. They shall listen and they shall inquire and you will have the answer. You will not send them away lacking, for they shall receive the thing that I your Father God shall give to them!!!!  No, it shall not fail. It shall not be like the times of past. For I have a remnant, yes, I have raised them up. They shall not compromise nor will they depart from My Word. Nor will they depart from the truth of My Word for they have stood when others have turned their back and when others have departed, others have gone a different way, they have stood and I your Father God, shall use them. And because of this I will be able to fulfill My Word to you, and My promise to you and it shall go forth. So, listen not to what the world will say, nor what others may say, for I have spoken unto you Myself, saith your Father, and you shall know for you are one of them. Yes, you are one of them, you have not compromised nor have you turned from the ways that you knew were right. You stood when others wouldn't stand. You departed when others would not depart. Therefore, I, your Father God shall use you mightily, and all shall see it and all shall come because they will know that that is where the truth is.

March 26, 1995 Sunday Evening Page Seven

From the very beginning of the concept of this ministry here, I have spoken many things to you and many of you have been here, yea, from the very beginning. And you have heard those things and at times you have thought that this can not be so. This is too great. This is too hard. But, over the years, you have begun to see Me, your Father God do those things that I have said unto you. Therefore I desire that you realize the importance of your place in My end-time ministry. For I have hand-picked you and chosen you and I have said unto you that you are the axle. And the hubs shall turn because of you. And the wheels shall turn because of you. I have said unto you not to get your eyes upon the false move, but to keep your eyes upon Me. And not be concerned with what is going on here or there for if it will affect you I will tell you so. I will declare it to you, it shall not over take you and you not know, for I will make it known to you before it ever comes to pass. But there is going to be a great and mighty work here. Yes I have said even people will say, "this could not be Cortland this could not be that place for it has always been dead" But I made a vow and a promise many years ago, sayith your Father God and I shall fulfill that Word. For many have come and tried yea, and they have run them out. But no longer, no longer. For I have brought unto you those who are stubborn, those who have dug their heals in. Those who have refused to move. Those who will only move when I tell them to move. Those who will go only when I tell them to go. Those who have been cast down and trodden upon and looked dawn upon. But I your Father God shall exalt them, yea, I shall exalt you to a very high position and you will rejoice when you see the stacks of wheelchairs, when you see the crutches, when you see the canes that the blind people have brought. When you see the cancer tall off. Yea, when the tumors fall off. You shall rejoice when you see the mighty work that I, your Fattier God shall do and I shall do it through you in this last day, yes I shall do it through you and it shall become awesome. It shall become awesome. And the very fragrance of My Presence shall fill your place and you shall see, yes, you shall see that Shekinah Glory. You shall see, at times, My angels, you shall see, at times the moving of My hand. You shall feel the brush as I touch you Myself, even as I touched many this Is night, for man did not lay hands upon Many but yet, I touched them saith your Father God, even though I do touch through man. etc... etc ...

May 31, 1995 Wednesday

For My Word is sure! Heaven and earth shall pass away but My Word endures forever therefore stand upon My Word. Stand upon My promise!

Even the greatest quarterback in the world is useless without a line, without a play book, without a coach. I need every single one of you. I need every one of you! Not part of you! But everyone of you! That is why I have hand-picked you. Yea, and I shall bring others in that I have hand picked. For you have been chosen before the foundations of the earth for this very ministry that I have placed you into! And as you function together as one, there shall never be another one like you. For you shall do great and mighty and wonderful things. People shall flock to you for you shall have the answers, you shall have the healing you shall have the power and they shall rejoice as they come into this house saith your Father God, for I shall be there to meet with them!! That is why the average person, regardless of what ministry they have, at the moment, cannot understand nor fathom the things that I am doing for you! For it has never been done before and they look and they search and they say, this cannot be so! For truly it is for if their understanding was open, if their eyes were open to My Word, they would see it declared plainly there that in the last days, I will do great things! I shall pour out My Spirit without measure! And it is upon you that I have chosen to move first! And I then when they come, they shall receive it then they will understand another shall go back and revival shall spread throughout the land! Rejoice, I say unto you, Rejoice for I have chosen you!! For truly, mighty miracles, signs and wonders shall take place from this place, sayeth your Father! For you shall flow in the supernatural such as man's eyes have not seen except through My Son while He was here! And there shall be nothing, nothing, that shall be impossible for you to do! And all, yes, all that come shall he healed! All that come shall be delivered! All that come shall be set free! All that come shall receive a word! All that come shall be ministered unto! And they shall go from this place, saith your Father, with all their needs totally supplied and they shall carry that, yes, they shall carry that into the small places, into the large places. They shall carry it into this country and into that country and into another country and revival shall spread across the United States and it shall spread across the globe and great victory shall take place and then, My Son shall to catch you away.

May 31, 1995 Wednesday

Realize that you are living in the last day and things shall suddenly take place out of no where; as it would seem to be! But anyone of you, anyone of you that sees these things can cause them to cease, can bind them up, can turn them back that no harm has come! You can walk in that position! You can still the storm! You can cause peace where there is no peace! You can turn hack the intruder! You can turn back the waves of crime for I have given unto you that power and I have given unto you that authority! Walk in it!!

For even the area here, has much witchcraft! Has much new life, new age teaching! And there are those who are motivating it and pushing it! But fear not these things, for greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world! And you shall raise up a standard against evil and you shall come against darkness and because of the light that you have, people will know where you stand and that is the reason that they will flock to you for if they do not flock to you they will be caught in darkness And darkness will destroy them! But they will know where help is so, stand strong and realize that My protection is round about and My angels are there on your behalf ready to minister for you ready to war for you, ready to go before you and cause you to come out victoriously. So open your spiritual eyes and look round about you and you will see, you will see and you will understand!!

Set down with your children and your loved ones and friends and warn them of the thing that are taking place upon the face of this earth and let them know that you are there to help them that you are there to minister unto them and; if they will press in, that if they will press into the closeness of the things that I have they will not need fear the things that are coming for they can walk in the same safety the same comfort, the same protection that you walk in for I shall protect them also, so do not be fearful, be not fearful to open your mouth to explain to them the things that are taking place, they may mock, they may laugh, they may say, everyone has said this for years, that if they will truly look at the signs, if they will look at the signs, they see that this surely is the last day!

For I have place many of you in key positions here in this area and I shall place others in key positions. And I shall move upon the hearts of others that are in key positions for it shall be very important in these last days sayeth your Father God. But you will need not fear those who try to come against you for they shall fear you, for they shall see the hand of God. They shall see the hand of man and they shall tremble at the power and the authority that you seem to have, not only from Me but from Man! And they will know they will know, they will know, that they cannot openly fight against you and even your enemies will seem to come at rest. Oh, you will be able to walk in a great victory that you have never seen before and you will have doors open to you and even when people come, yea, when they come you will find the people of this whole area will open doors unto them and give them places to stay when the motels are filled, when the other places are filled they will have rooms to stay that they can come to your place. You shall be a blessing to this whole area, financially, you shall be a blessing and people shall see it and they shall rejoice and they will look hack and. they will wonder why they tried to hinder this. Why did we try to stop this for truly, it has been a blessing to us and the hand of God has spared us from much things because of this people!

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